Life Partner

’Find a PARTNER who encourages you to grow and one that would be with you for LIFE no matter what.’

🔮 RED TIGER'S EYE brings energies of vibrance and vitality, and of enhancing integrity of self and can be very grounding. It is said to help one have the practicality and willpower to take care of oneself fully. It is a survival stone and can help with the correct use of power for survival in difficult times. It promotes energies of health and vibrancy of those who wear it. It is said to bring good. 
🔮 TIGER'S EYE sharpens the senses, helping one pay attention to details and prepare for positive action. It is a stone of practicality and balance. It boosts willpower, emotional stability and energy levels. It is use for quick thinking, sizing up someone's character and for realizing the consequences of one's own action. Tiger’s Eye is highly beneficial for resolving dilemmas and internal battles, especially those caused by jealousy. It teaches integrity and right use of power, bringing an awareness of one’s needs, as opposed to mere “wants,” as well as understanding the needs of others. 
🔮GOLDEN BLUE TIGER'S EYE. The Gold rays of Tiger’s Eye brings success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. It is traditionally the color of kings, riches, and the sun. Blue Tiger's Eye, enhances integrity of communication and practical communication. It can help find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the willpower to carry them into the physical realm. It is also a stone of intuition and insight. 
🔮MATTE BLACK ONYX is a powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps prevents drain of energy. It calms nervousness, quells anxieties and fear, soothes temper and restores rational thinking and self-control. Black Onyx teaches the appropriate use of power and focusing one’s energy and will into a positive force.
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  • Crystal Diameter Size: 10mm
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Life Partner

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