GEMINI is a combination of crystals that will help to enhance your strengths and assist in your soul’s evolution. People born under this Air astral sign are versatile, youthful, sociable and playful. Crystals that offer stabilizing and balancing energies are beneficial for this Air sign's dual nature.


Gemini Light Traits: Charming, adaptable, curious, kind, friendly

Gemini Shadow Traits: Selfish, shallow, manipulative, evasive, unpredictable


🔮BOTSWANA AGATE and Geminis are a match because it is all about balance, and balance is what a Gemini "twin" needs. It is the astral stone for Geminis as it soothes restless nature and soothes them in times of transition. It grounds them by helping them focus on the matter at hand and aids those who have repressed emotional issues that need to be addressed so that they can let go (release) and heal.

🔮TIGER'S EYE brings balance to extreme opposites, which can be very beneficial to Gemini’s dual nature. It improves determination and perseverance, which helps Geminis to stick with their relationships, jobs, and projects. It brings mental strength and sharpness so that they can achieve their intellectual endeavors, and it reduces stubbornness so that they can get along with others with more ease.

🔮CITRINE helps Geminis to access their joyful, light-hearted side. It can bring them motivation to do work that they don’t want to do, which is extremely beneficial for Geminis since they easily lose interest in projects. It is an empowering stone that promotes spiritual awakening through emotional healing.

🔮WATERMELON TOURMALINE works with the Heart chakra, cleansing and removing blockages. As a balancing stone, Watermelon Tourmaline aids in removing insecurities. As a balancing stone, Watermelon Tourmaline functions as a combination of male and female energies, both Yin and Yang together in one crystal. It can help to inspire both creativity and practicality, and connects the Heart Chakra to both physical and spiritual vibrations. Watermelon Tourmaline calms overactive emotions.

🔮LABRADORITE enhances spiritual transformation by awakening different states of consciousness. As a stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance helping Geminis accept their shadows so they can find the path to enlightenment and healing.

🔮MOONSTONE offers Gemini astral signs a spiritual energy that promotes a balance between the mind and the heart. It helps them to connect with their softer side and soothes and balances their emotions. With the help of moonstone, Geminis can learn to trust their intuition, have better discernment, and have insightful perceptions. 


  • Crystal Diameter Size: 10mm
  • Charm: Gemini Gold Plated


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