Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

Candles help you in focusing on your desires, allowing you to more effectively send your intentions out into the Universe. This is why candles are lit and blown when making birthday wishes, and are used in prayer or meditation. Combined with CLEAR QUARTZ, our CRYSTAL CANDLE will help your thoughts to become things and manifest your dreams into reality.



Clear Quartz is a powerful stone for manifestation. By visualizing an image of one's intent or desired outcome within the crystal during a meditative session, Clear Quartz provides a powerful psychic amplification. The crystal "remembers" and magnifies the pattern of energy, so using the same crystal in repeated meditations allows for the opportunities and power of the focused intent to manifest into reality.



Basil is known to aid in matters of luck, money, purification, banishment, love and a number of other magical uses.



Litsea has a gorgeous, uplifting citrus scent. Its vibrational gift is that it supports you to take your ideas and dreams and to ground them and bring them into reality.  As many people are very open in their higher chakras we often receive way more ideas and inspiration than we can ever ground and bring into the physical realm - “make manifest” or manifest into our life. Working with Litsea supports you by helping you to trust your gut about which ideas you want to follow through on and which you can let go of and then to connect with your confidence. It works beyond the logic of the mind and surrenders to the higher intent and it releases any fear or doubt. This oil aligns you with your purpose, your knowing and with mobilizing your energy to move forward.



SOY CANDLES are made from soybeans, not only making them a safe and natural alternative to petroleum-based paraffin, but also renewable and biodegradable. They also don’t produce any unsightly black soot, which is not only a pain to clean but is a health hazard as well. With prolonged use, soy candles may create a fine white residue that’s nontoxic and easy to clean. Soy wax cleans off of just about any surface with a simple solution of warm, soapy water.

WOOD WICKS have a distinct crackling sound when burning. They create a relaxing ambience and they are also eco-friendly. Wood wicks create shorter and wider flame heights, which keeps them safe for use.



Wood Wicks provide a more unique burning experience than a traditional cotton wick. We recommend to make sure that your first burn is always to a full melt pool (wax melted to the edge of the jar). Container candles have a ‘memory’ and if you don’t allow your candle to burn to the jar’s edge on the first burn, every subsequent burn will see the melted wax pool ‘tunnel’ down the wick rather than burn evenly out to the jar’s edge. Your wick will eventually drown in wax and will not stay lit.

Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

SKU: CC-005
    • Crystal Candles are all hand made. Variations are to be expected.
    • The ingredients are all natural and chosen for their energetic properties and aromatherapeutic benefits.
    • Crystals are cleansed and charged by an Intl. Cert. Usui Reiki & Crytal Reiki Master / Teacher prior to shipping. 
    • All crystals are guaranteed authentic - natural and genuine.