ZEN is about emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. Zen Crystal Bracelet is a combination of crystals and natural wood for balance, harmony and meditation.


🌳SANDALWOOD is the sweet-smelling wood of a tree that is found in South Asia and Australia. Sandalwood’s magical powers are believed to enhance your meditation and increase the power of your wishes. It is widely believed that the Sandalwood scent can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness, invoke tranquility, awaken the divine thoughts within and promote profound relaxation.

🔮HOWLITE reduces anxiety, tensions and stress and can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage. It is a super calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. 

🔮BLACK ONYX is a powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps prevents drain of energy. It calms nervousness, quells anxieties and fear, soothes temper and restores rational thinking and self-control. 


  • Crystal Diameter Size: 10mm


SKU: WZ-002
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