Selenite Crystal Sacred Essence

Our SELENITE CRYSTAL SACRED ESSENCE clears and purifies your space and your aura. This spray has been created to offer a way to enjoy the benefits of Sage whenever and wherever you wish, without smoke. Combined with all natural ingredients, herbs and crystals, it can be used as a perfume, room spray, aura and energy cleanser.



Soft and delicate mineral that is used to effortlessly clear unwanted energy, Selenite is an excellent choice when using stones for purification, renewal, & clarity. It’s a great stone to use for clearing the energy of a new house, especially after burning sage. Selenite can be placed in the corners of a new home or the bedroom with the intention of keeping the space pure and refreshed. It’s ability to draw away toxic energy is easy to notice when just holding the stone in the palm of your hand, therefore it can be a helpful aid for anyone beginning to work with crystals or who would like to enhance their ability to perceive the energetic properties of stones in general.



Rosemary is a powerful herb believed to provide good luck, protection, help psychic development, psychic protection, purification, release and prevent theft and nightmares.



  • Angelica essential oil supports emotional wellness. Called the Oil of Angels it brings spiritual awareness and fosters feelings of inner peace. Angelica cleanses the aura and body from negative energy. It also helps to release unwanted spirits and protects against evil.
  • Rosemary is mainly used for protection and cleansing, but also for love, healing, and power. It cleanses the atmosphere and rids of negative energies.


1. Gently shake bottle to mix essential oils.
2. Say out loud or to yourself the following affirmation (or create your own affirmation):
'My energy is clear and pure.'
3. Spray on yourself while repeating affirmations.

4. You can also spray before performing your ritual work or anywhere that could use some extra healing vibes.


BOTTLE CONTENTS: Crystals, Herbs, Witch Hazel, Essential Oils, Sacred H2O, Reiki and Magick

SIZE: 30ml


Selenite Crystal Sacred Essence

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    • Crystal Sacred Essences are all hand made. Variations are to be expected.
    • The ingredients are all natural and chosen for their energetic properties and aromatherapeutic benefits.
    • Clearing the tube and nozzle with hot running water periodically is advised to avoid clogging and blockage.
    • Crystals are cleansed and charged by an Intl. Cert. Usui Reiki & Crytal Reiki Master / Teacher prior to shipping. 
    • All crystals are guaranteed authentic - natural and genuine.