SCORPIO is a combination of crystals that will help to enhance your strengths and assist in your soul’s evolution. People born under this Water astral sign are often fearlessly curious, intuitive, passionate, bold and brave. Crystals that offer stabilizing and balance are beneficial for this Water sign's instability and extremely intuitive nature.


Scorpio Light Traits: Passionate, loyal, sensual, intense, determined

Scorpio Shadow Traits: Biting, possessive, aggressive, shrewd, destructive


🔮CITRINE helps Scorpios effortlessly achieve what they set out to do, and even helps them decide what goals to pursue in the first place. It supports them with the determination, confidence, and energy they need to make their dreams come true.

🔮RHODOCHROSITE supports Scorpios in everything having to do with the emotions. It helps to heal emotional wounds and inspire forgiveness so that Scorpios can let things go, something they tend to struggle with. It infuses their hearts with love and positivity so that they can calm negative reactions. 

🔮AQUAMARINE is water stone that helps this water sign come out of the dark, deep waters and start flowing along a gentle stream. Its calming energy removes fears and promotes harmony. Aquamarine, as a stone of truth, is known for improving communication, and for the Scorpio sun sign in particular, it can help them stop hiding their emotions, set aside judgements, and come to a compromise.

🔮SODALITE helps Scorpios connect to the higher realms. It is peaceful stone that support Scorpio’s deep thinking and helps them tap into their intuition. This Scorpio crystal turns charged emotions into rational thoughts, helping to soothe and balance the Scorpio astral sign. It replaces fear with peace and helps them understand who they are in a deeper way.

🔮SMOKY QUARTZ is a grounding stone that turns negative into positive, helping Scorpios to remain happy and enthusiastic even when they are around negative people and situations. Its energy is calming and uplifting, and it brings mental clarity and improves intuition

🔮BLACK TOURMALINE provides protection that will guard against the darkness of the Scorpio season and the dark nature of the Scorpio astral sign. From negative entities and dark forces to negative thoughts, this Scorpio gemstone has got them covered. It also improves self-confidence, personal power, and physical energy, while grounding them and reducing fear.


  • Crystal Diameter Size: 10mm
  • Charm: Scorpio Gold Plated


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