Midnight Madness Tarot (Winter Edition)

Enter a world of duality with the Midnight Madness Tarot where both soul (midnight) and shadow (madness) exist.


About the Deck

Based on the Rider Waite Smith system, these 78 cards are printed on high quality card stock (350 gsm) with a smooth matte finish, matte gold gilded edges and housed in a beautifully designed box with base and lid. Created and illustrated by @thewhimsicalarcane


Tell-All Guidebook

Comes with a 100-paged (estimated)* fully illustrated tell-all guidebook in portable document format or PDF. The tell-all guidebook includes my deck creation process, spreads, card descriptions, what being an indie deck creator is all about and more! 

*Guidebook is still in the works because I just can't stop adding things here and there. The plan is to finish it the same time Midnight Madness Tarot deck is launched. If not, well, that's the beauty of having a digital guidebook - you can download anytime! - The Whimsical Arcane


Inner Work Bundle Includes:

  • 1 set Midnight Madness Tarot Sticker Sheets
  • 1 Blank Notebook
  • 1 Plantable Pencil (when pencil is short you can bury it in soil and water everyday, seeds are inside the pencil)
  • 1 Divination Tool



  • Origin: Philippines
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Midnight Madness Tarot (Winter Edition)

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