Gemini Crystal Sacred Essence

Our GEMINI SACRED ESSENCE helps Geminis be the best version of themselves. This spray is formulated to stabilize and ground a Gemini's Air energy. Perfect for meditation, refreshing your space and mind, and any other time you want to change the vibes surrounding you. Combined with all natural ingredients, herbs and crystals, it can be used as a perfume, room spray, aura and energy protection.



HOWLITE allows a Gemini to be true to themselves and their inner knowing, setting aside the mask they show to the world.



Because Geminis are curious and great talkers, BASIL helps focus their thoughts and bring clarity.



  • Having a dual nature, you are never sure which side of Gemini's twin is going to show up. Will it be the witty, versatile communicator or the scattered, flighty gossip? LAVENDER balances and centres the twins. It calms the nerves and lessens anxiety.
  • Geminis are intelligent, talkative, quick learners, and information gatherers. They let their minds drive their activities, always probing, questioning and assimilating the answers to their many questions. BERGAMOT helps focus their thoughts.


1. Gently shake bottle to mix essential oils.
2. Spray on yourself.

3. You can also spray before performing your ritual work or anywhere that could use some extra healing vibes.


BOTTLE CONTENTS: Crystals, Herbs, Witch Hazel, Essential Oils, Sacred H2O, Reiki and Magick

SIZE: 30ml


Gemini Crystal Sacred Essence

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    • Crystal Sacred Essences are all hand made. Variations are to be expected.
    • The ingredients are all natural and chosen for their energetic properties and aromatherapeutic benefits.
    • Clearing the tube and nozzle with hot running water periodically is advised to avoid clogging and blockage.
    • Crystals are cleansed and charged by an Intl. Cert. Usui Reiki & Crytal Reiki Master / Teacher prior to shipping. 
    • All crystals are guaranteed authentic - natural and genuine.