Chakra Set

Energy flows within the physical body though pathways called CHAKRAS. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. When this flow of energy is disrupted or has slowed down its spinning or got stuck, it causes diminished function of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state.


🔮CROWN CHAKRA is the seventh Chakra. Located at the top of the head, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. The function of the Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets us in touch with the universal.

  • AMETHYST is especially supportive of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to center. It eases the mental anxieties that lead to physical tension and headaches, and is a great crystal to calm those who tend to be hot-headed and easily angered. Called “the soul stone,” Amethyst assists in understanding and connecting to the eternal existence of the soul and initiates one’s own deep soul experiences. Also known as the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants and animals. 

🔮THIRD EYE CHAKRA is the sixth Chakra. Located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, it is the center of intuition and foresight. The function of the third eye chakra is driven by the principle of openness and imagination.

  • SODALITE is a stone of truth, enabling the conscious and subconscious mind to connect with one’s thoughts and feelings, and helps one to recognize and verbalize those feelings and truths objectively. It allows the shadow qualities, those negative traits one dislikes about oneself, to rise to the surface to be acknowledged and accepted without judgement. Sodalite discharges anger and negative thoughts and empowers the release of core fears, phobias, guilt, and control mechanisms that hold one back. It creates a clear insightful mind open to finding inner peace. Sodalite enkindles self-acceptance and self-trust, and embraces the importance of remaining true to oneself. It is an ideal stone for those who are oversensitive, defensive, impulsive, or prone to anxiety or panic attacks to stabilize the mind and allow a shift from emotional to rational.

🔮THROAT CHAKRA is the fifth Chakra and is driven by the principle of expression and communication.

  • LAPIS LAZULI is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word. Wear it for all forms of deep communication. It is also a stone of friendship and brings harmony in relationships.

🔮HEART CHAKRA or Anahata in its original Sanskrit name, colors our life with compassion, love, and beauty. Driven by the principles of transformation and integration, the fourth energy center is said to bridge earthly and spiritual aspirations.

  • GREEN AVENTURINE comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. It is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance and success. Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it, and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. Green Aventurine is a great piece to use when working with the Heart Chakra. 

🔮SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is characterized by the expression of will, personal power, and mental abilities, the energy of the third Chakra or Manipura in Sanskrit is mobilized when we assert ourselves in the world.

  • YELLOW AVENTURINE is a very unique gemstone with powerful attributes which can change your life in mysterious ways. This stone represents self-reflection, prosperity, calmness, balance, optimism, and creativity. Yellow Aventurine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

🔮SACRAL CHAKRA is the second Chakra. It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. The function of the Sacral Chakra is directed by the principle of pleasure.

  • ORANGE AVENTURINE is the manifestor of exciting possibilities! It enhances good luck, good fortune and abundance. Orange Aventurine also connects with our Sacral Chakra helping to inspire creativity and imagination by dissolving blockages and allowing energy to flow.

🔮ROOT CHAKRA is the first Chakra. Its energy is based on the earth element. It’s associated with the feeling of safety and grounding. It’s at the base of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

  • RED JASPER is a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome domestic violence. It alleviates stress and reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura. It is an ideal worry or rubbing stone for soothing the nerves and restoring balance.


  • Size: Approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm
  • Crystal Cut: Round cuts radiate energy smoothly and evenly, harmonizing and neutralizing unbalanced energy. It symbolizes oneness, wholeness, completion and karma.
  • Origin: USA

Chakra Set

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