ARIES is a combination of crystals that will help to enhance your strengths and assist in your soul’s evolution. People born under this Fire astral sign are dynamic, impulsive, energetice and adventurous. Crystals that offer calming and grounding energies are beneficial for this Fire sign's short-tempered nature.


Aries Light Traits: Confident, spontaneous, risk-taker, daring, dreamer

Aries Shadow Traits: Impatient, opinionated, reckless, temperamental, competitive


🔮CARNELIAN matches Aries fiery energy because it is a fire stone. So, if Aries feels as though they are losing their fire, they can use this stone to reignite the flame. It brings passion and courage at a time when they might be feeling defeated.

🔮CITRINE helps promote the energy of manifestation, so it is perfect for the energy of Aries, which is all about new beginnings. This crystal also helps Aries to accept criticism and make positive changes based on that information.

🔮CLEAR QUARTZ brings a calmness to the passionate and ambitious nature of Aries so that they don’t forget to consider others as they forge ahead to achieve their goals. Too much fire can aid judgment and conflict, but Clear Quartz helps us to see reason, replacing judgment with mercy and providing us with the ability to see all sides of the story. It cuts through misunderstandings and helps the bearer see a clear path forward, especially when it has become muddied.

🔮AQUAMARINE is a water stone that quells Aries' fiery energy that is getting out of control. It is an excellent crystal for promoting courage and understanding. It helps calm fire down, bringing peace and clarity to stressful situations. It is wonderful for sensitive individuals as it reduces anxiety in public and it helps those who may feel exhausted from an overwhelming sensation of responsibility.

🔮BLOODSTONE is a powerful grounding stone and is associated with Mars. Aries energy is strong and it can overwhelm people if their own energies are out of sync or resisting it. Bloodstone can help people ground themselves among this fiery energy, rather than be swept away by it.

🔮BLACK ONYX reveals new perceptions and insights that help Aries’ full-steam-ahead personality to come from a place of personal strength. This Aries gemstone offers an energy that is centering and balanced at a time when Aries gets a little too heated. It also helps them overcome any fears that might be holding them back.


  • Crystal Diameter Size: 10mm
  • Charm: Aries Gold Plated


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